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GraphExplorer - Graph Visualisation Tool

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GraphExplorer is a visualisation tool for undirected graphs (a pair consisting of a finite set of vertices and of a set of edges over the vertices, an edge is a set of two vertices). The graph is displayed in the program window as points and lines connecting the points. The user can move points (vertices) within the window by mouse. Moving of vertices can help the user to understand the structure of the graph. In addition, various display modes are available (for example edges connected to the non-selected vertices can be hidden).

The program is written in C++ and was developed under Linux with the use of wxWidgets library. I have developed this tool to help me with drawing of large complex graphs. It is difficult to disentangle the structure of large graph on the paper since you cannot move vertices over the paper. GraphExplorer can solve this trouble.

GraphExplorer 0.1.12 displaying a complex graph

I plan to implement planarity detection of a graph into future versions of the program. Another interesting feature might be complete sub-graph or stable set detection.

Keywords: graph theory, visualisation, computer graphics

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