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Author:The GD-RCS Team

GD-RCS is a revision control system. It combines the features of archive tools such as TAR, ZIP, ARJ or RAR with the ability of tools for version management such as CVS or PRCS. Like CVS, this system also stores its data into a repository, but in case of GD-RCS the repository is not a directory structure but one or more volume files. This feature allows GD-RCS to operate with the repository stored on one or more removable media. In order to implement this ability a special file system operating with multiple volumes on different removable media had to be developed. Another important feature is a version management based on projects. A project in GD-RCS is a basic unit through which the version management is done. It contains the logical collection of files under revision control and some additional information.

GD-RCS under Linux

GD-RCS under Windows 2000

In order to provide a user friendly interface we developed a graphical user interface for both Linux and Windows. Both GUIs are based on the wxWindows library. Our goal to provide same GUI for different platforms was successfully completed.

GD-RCS system was developed under Linux, WindowsNT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It was created to fulfill some requirements of master studying programme on Charles University in Prague and is no longer supported (it is not an exaggeration to say that it is dead). But the project still has its own homepage hosted on Sourceforge, you can visit it here.

GD-RCS was written in C++. Note, that the source code of GD-RCS is terribly large, total size exceeds 3 megabytes. To run GD-RCS you first have to install wxWindows 2.4.0 library for graphical user interface and ICU 2.4 library for support of UNICODE.

My contribution to this project was Multi Volume File System (which represents a physical structure of data stored by GD-RCS on several removable media), encryption modules, input/output system and portable graphical user interface. In total approximately 60% of the whole source code.

IMPORTANT: To run GD-RCS you first have to install wxWindows 2.4.0 and ICU 2.4.

Here you can download GD-RCS:

  • GD-RCS 1.0  Source code for Linux/MS-Visual Studio
  • GD-RCS 1.0  Win32 version

  • Keywords: revision control systems, cvs, prcs, backup, archivation

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