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3D Computer Graphics

3D computer graphics was the first topic I was interested in as a C++ programmer. At that time I wrote many short and also several larger C++ projects for modelling and rendering of 3D scenes. All of these projects were developed under MS-DOS.

My best project dealing with 3D graphics was a photo-realistic renderer based on ray-tracing technique, which I have created in 1997.
The input 3D scene was defined using a special language for scene description. The language provided primitives for basic geometric objects, spline surfaces, materials, textures, lights and cameras, which together form a complete 3D scene definition. Within a user interface of the program the user could move the objects, lights and cameras to rearrange the input scene for final rendering, in this mode the scene was displayed as a wire model. The program also provided fast rendering algorithm, which could be used to show previews before final rendering based on ray-tracing technique.

The projects are not provided for download, because they requires original MS-DOS and it is quite difficult to make them run under Windows 16-bit subsystem. But you can see several images computed by the above renderer in the following gallery.

Keywords: 3D graphics, photo-realistic rendering, ray-tracing